> I think using a conference system must be as simple as possible.
> A phone couldn't be more simple: take the handset,
> dial the number and listen.

Even better.. type a nickname and speak! No numbers!
Or what about: click on a channel name in WWW and speak?
That's the way it must be.

1994 binary version of PSYC.

symLynX 1994-11-30, 1995-06-08

Funny. Looking back at these drafts now ('98) I realize that most of the functionality was in there, too. I merely added some more flexibility by replacing the binary message codes with hierarchical method and variable names.

I also developed a prototype of binary PSYC in C back then, I could make it available for download, if anyone cares. A cute detail about it: I think it is still backward compatible to the MSEND protocol (RFC1312), so you can run an MSEND server which also understands PSYC94.