PSYC Software.

psyced Daemon
psyced isn't just a PSYC server; it also implements the functionality of PSYC clients allowing users of Java applets, Telnet, Jabber™ and IRC clients to enter the PSYCspace. Additionally psyced can communicate with Jabber™ servers and provide chatrooms for PSYCers, IRCers and Jabberers all at once. It also provides gateways to several IM- and IRC- networks as well as serving as a web server for distributed multi-user applications. It is implemented in LPC and released as open source. Scalable, programmable, effective.

... are not so important at the current stage of PSYC development, since psyced acts as client simulator and allows you to use your favorite IRC or jabber client applications. You can even just use the web access if you're not planning to install your own psyced. The developers themselves currently like to use IRC clients, PsycZilla, psycion or an enhanced unix telnet software called powwow.

Once you have become familiar using psyced as a server, you may want to dig deeper and look at native PSYC applications:

Based on Mozilla you can either install it as a Firefox Extension or standalone. It is a graphical crossplatform client with neat web integration. Absolutely try it out! PsycZilla!

psycion is the most elaborate PSYC client to date. It is aimed at unix console users and comes with a very fancy curses-based multi-screen interface. The code is modular so it is easy to add a GUI. psycion is being distributed with perlpsyc.

Net::PSYC comes in a package with a collection of PSYC automations, command line messaging scripts, the cool psycion client and even an MP3 player you can remote control using PSYC messages or the command 'psyccmd <command>' from any shell prompt.

jaPSYC, Psychedelic and other Java™ apps
Mario 'BitKoenig' Holbe started out developing this library in Java back in 1996 while I was sorting out basics of the protocol syntax. Later on, I decided to motivate him to finish his work. The result is an amazingly elaborate implementation of the protocol suited for all sorts of client, server or hybrid applications. This development library is available free of charge as open source. Go to about:Java for the current state of jaPSYC and other PSYC projects in Java.

Psyconaut by kuchn. dotnet client for windows platforms. Looks good!

pyPSYC & theraPY
pyPSYC is a PSYC library implementation in Python with several clients and scripts using it. It's about time for a psyc therapy. an has evolved pyPSYC into a gtk-based client. But it isn't done yet.

bartman's Client for sYnchronous Conferencing is written in pike. Only available on prescription.

PSYC in C++
PsycM(anager) is a prototype auf a PSYC server in C++, provided by Ralf Mark Stockfisch. Feel free to extend it or borrow the PSYC parser or other parts for other developments, also in C. PsycM.tar.gz
Bartman has contributed a particularely compact parser in C++, shows how simple a PSYC parser can be. bartmans-psycparser-in-cpp.tar.bz2