Are you looking for an IRC Jabber gateway? psyced is a chatserver that provides client access for IRC and Jabber clients as well as interserver connectivity for Jabber! Additionally it also provides for gateways into IRC networks, which this document is about:

Gateway between IRC and PSYC

The PSYC to IRC gateway is a particularely complex form of a PSYC room, technically. You know, rooms are programmable in PSYC. It connects to an IRC network and places itself as "PSYCgate" into channel #PSYC, or it will use a different nickname if that one is taken (so you can run your own PSYC server with your own gateway - but you can also use the gateway at psyced.org from your own server). The gateway will then relay conversation between the channel and the room to and fro, so on the PSYC side all you need to do is /enter or /subscribe the room which is typically named after the IRC network it connects to - "IRC" for IRCnet, "klingons" for irc.klingons.org etc.

The gateway provides messaging and several other functions. From the PSYC side this is fully integrated, the room registers itself with the backend as a handler for "irc:" uniform network locations - therefore whenever you receive a message from IRC it will have user and host information encoded in the source UNL, you can reply by simply hitting the /reply function, or actively send to irc:nickname or even irc:nickname!user@host which raises your chances of not sending messages to the wrong person. You know in IRC nicknames are not owned.

From the IRC side you first need to enter a /query with the PSYCgate and send it "TELL <person> <message>" (or MSG or just m). This is because we haven't seen the necessity to connect the gateway as an IRC service or full-fledged server. It wouldn't be much harder to implement, but it would bring the IRC background noise traffic to our gateway server, which costs money for nothing.

The IRC gateway provides the same commands that all gateway robots to legacy environments provide. Look inside for details. So PSYC effectively connects IRC networks with jabber, ICQ, AIM, webchat and RSS newsfeeds.

Experimentally you can also initiate CTCP VERSION and even DCC SEND requests to PSYC users. The latter will only work if the PSYC user happens to be running an IRC client as interface.


You can find more information by sending "HELP" to the gateway on IRC, whereas in PSYC the gateway room defines some extra commands like /chop. Did I mention rooms are programmable in PSYC?

The PSYC developers meet every day in psyc://psyced.org/@dev