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2007-05-30 PSYC at LinuxTag 2007

Tomorrow 2007-05-31 LinuxTag in Berlin will see a PSYC paper presentation. A PSYC workshop on the side to follow. Our special guest Stephen R. van den Berg will co-host the presentation of the new procmail integration with PSYC! See www.linuxtag.org/2007/en/conf/events/vp-donnerstag/details.html?talkid=64 for the whole blurb. Concerning the heated political debate, even the PSYC developers are of varying opinion. I personally support the LinuxTag makers who are acting in good faith. I think the public discurse itself is of high value in convincing the minister to rethink his positions. Next year is still a good time to revoke the co-operation with the Federal Ministry of the Interiors, should no improvement in the political attitude from Mr. Schäuble become apparent, whereas this year would put the focus on the open-source community not being reliable or professional, and distract from the actual issue at hand.

2007-05-19 Rise and demise of BRASnet

The 8th largest IRC network on earth has installed a psyced in interserver gateway mode, which means each registered user on that IRC network has a PSYC and XMPP address and can freely communicate with the rest of the PSYC and Jabber world. Additionally psyced serves as friendship and presence service between IRC users and many other fine things that psyced comes with. See http://about.psyc.eu/Gateway for more. Unfortunately BRASnet has recently been torn down my massive denial of service attacks, which has nothing to do with PSYC but rather with the way people like to treat each other on public IRC networks.

2007-05-13 Magix employs and sponsors PSYC

The Berlin-based software brand MAGIX is developing the myGOYA Online Desktop employing PSYC technology in the back-end for chat, presence and signaling functionalities. Once the desktop leaves the beta phase it will be the largest deployment of native PSYC client technology!

2007-05-07 psyced comes with own driver

In accordance with the author of LDMUD we have decided to fork the back-end driver of psyced into our own distribution focused on our specific needs. The new "psyclpc" was quickly enhanced with several features and bugfixes. It is now better suited for large deployments.

2007-03-17 /enter xmpp: MUCs

fippo has taught psyced the capability to enter XMPP chatrooms from PSYC, even if you are using an IRC client. it is still not a good idea to do that, but if you must, now you can.

2004-12-14 What happened in 2004

"A 'ear 'as passed" as an italian friend of mine used to sing, and I completely forgot to update this news page... shows you how it is bad website design to have "news" pages at all. Anyway, I'll give you the round-up. We had our 4th PSYC modification event, the modiv, at c-base in Berlin and the 5th during the pike conference in Essen. That's Modivation, I'd say! http://ff.mud.de/wiki/bin/view/Mud/PSYCimMUD Danny of Gueldenland has adapted the PSYC MUVE into a running LPMUD and coded interface glue to connect InterMUD with PSYC. Next step would be to use PSYC as new InterMUD protocol. perlpsyc has learned so many more things recently. It has file sharing, onion routing, a multiscreen curses client and a notification plug-in for MovableType blogs. Have I told you PSYC:MUVE has become both a Jabber server and gateway? You can even host rooms for both Jabber and IRC users! Also Unicode support has been added for all sorts of accesses. So IRC users with different charsets no longer collide, because the server converts them. The SMTP port accepts SEND/SOML/SAML for messaging. Pushed multicast newsfeeds are much faster and efficient than RSS, and they are much better scalable than Jabber pubsub. If you have news to distribute to many people, use PSYC! And MUVE now has a Windows distribution, so you can play around with it. Check out the software page for all the links to this stuff.

2003-10-07 Now we have rooms that fetch RSS newsfeeds via HTTP

DePairet, fippo and heldensaga have worked on a new variant of subscribeable room that makes a connection to a webserver, fetches and parses an RSS XML file and gateways the new headlines into PSYC by casting it to the room subscribers. Very nice. In the meantime I keep streamlining the inter-muve PSYC communication and the MUVE text format database which will probably turn into a standard PSYC text library soon...

2003-06-30 Gateway to IRC networks from PSYC

I have rewritten an old IRC gateway robot from MUD days and interfaced it into the PSYC infrastructure. You can now use irc: URLs in PSYC to deliver messages to people on IRC networks and a PSYC server can login into as many IRC networks as may be necessary. For now this is done by implementing an "irc bot" within the PSYC server but could easily be extended to become a full fledged IRC server protocol emulation. See below for all details.

2003-02-23 Well-known resources for PSYC started

I have installed a DNS tree according to my 1994 plan for well-known resources in the PSYC network. This allows for commands like "/join linux" to connect you to *the* standard linux place on the PSYC network no matter on which server it resides. Since we don't have clickable PSYC urls in web browsers yet, this is a parallel step into making PSYC networks more easy to use.

2003-01-06 PSYC has its own client software

You can PSYC via the web, you can PSYC via telnet, you can PSYC via an IRC client, you can even PSYC via a flash movie or java application. But now fippo has produced the coolest way to PSYC using his native PSYC client written in python. Inspect the software page for downloads!