Realtime IM/Chat Notification

from procmail and other event generating tools

... using PSYC

overview: events

in real-time:

overview: display

how to show?

10 minutes? eh!?

thunderbird's defaults:

... latency in e-mail!

SMTP can be real-time


PSYC in your .procmailrc

after weeding out spam and boring stuff:
:0 hc

jabber in your .procmailrc


:0 hc

let's wear a uniform!

psyc:// is my uniform

what a weird protocol!


:_origin    Mary Foo <>
:_subject   Vulcans: VIAGRA for your ears!
:_nick_alias	bombMail
([_nick_alias]) [_origin]: [_subject]

how can i see that?

pidgin receiving a notification

procmail -> psyced -> jabberd -> gaim

(type='headline' == unpleasant pop-up)

ircII receiving a notification

procmail -> psyced -> IRC client

do i have to use your server?

mail notify for all!

and now what about a global /etc/procmailrc
:0 hc

mediawiki notify plugin

(Wiki:lynx) has made a major change in saying: packet ids

(Wiki:fippo) has made a minor change in

mediawiki notify plugin source

function psycnotify($art, $user, $text, $sum, $isminor, $isw, $sect) {
    global $psyctarget, $psychost;

    $url = "http://" . $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];
    $url.= str_replace("index.php?title=","index.php/",substr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'],0,-14));
    $s = ":_target\t$psyctarget\n\n"
       . ":_nick_wiki\t". strToLower($user->mName) ."\n"
       . ":_article\t". $art->mTitle->mTextform ."\n"
       . ":_page\t$url$sect\n";
    if ($sect) $s.= ":_section\t$sect\n";
    if ($sum) $s .= ":_summary\t$sum\n";
    $mc = "_notice_update_wiki";
    if ($isminor) $mc .= "_minor";
    $s.= $mc."\n(Wiki:[_nick_wiki]) has made a ".($isminor?"minor":"major")." change in [_page]\n";
    if ($sum) $s .= "saying: [_summary]\n";
    $udp = fsockopen($psychost, $psycport);
    fwrite($udp, ".\n". $s .".\n");
    return true;
$wgHooks['ArticleSaveComplete'][] = array('psycnotify');

mediawiki notify installation

blogs, forums and mp3




edit $CVSROOT/loginfo:
DEFAULT /path/cvs2psyc psyc:// '%r' '%p' '%s'
sends _notice_update_software_CVS
(CVS:lynx in psyced/place) tagesschau.c changed: new feed url